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Deeper understanding of human body

InBioz device can measure different body compositions like body fat%, muscle mass, protein, body water and monitor skin hydration, heart rate and body temperature.

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Product Highlights

Personalized Fitness Monitoring

InBioz watch will guide you to get your desired fitness level by suggesting how much fat you need to lose or how much muscle you need to gain based on your body compositions.

Activity Tracking

InBioz watch can estimate calorie burn for different activities based on your body type.

Body Fat %

InBioz watch can estimate upper body and full body fat% based on BIA technology.

Muscle Mass

Measuring muscle mass and fat free mass based on BIA technology.

Body Protien

InBioz watch can estimate body protein.

Body Water

Measuring total body water as well as intra and extra cellular fluid based on BIA technology.

ECG Heart Rate

Continuous monitoring of ECG based heart rate.

Skin Hydration

Continuous monitoring of skin hydration.

Body Temperature

Continuous monitoring of body temperature.

Why Choose us

A healthy body composition increases longevity, reduces risk of several diseases and improves self esteem.

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What our clients say


Nutrition Coach

I am Dr (PROF) Georgi Abraham, a practicing nephrologist for past 42 years . The new innovation by Inbioz is a game changer in nutrition assessment using wearable device.

Dr. Georgi Abraham

We found InBioZ Technology useful in our dialysis unit for fixing target weight appropriately along with clinical judgement.

Dr. R Kishor Kumar